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Manara center

Inspirational Center for Teens and Young Adults

The Manara Center is located in Bar Elias, which is in the Center of the Bekaa Valley and has the largest concentration of Syrian refugees in the region. Combining under one roof a diverse range of professionally run programs in music, art, theater, interior design, first aid and vocational training programs, we aim not only to provide a much needed safe space away from the everyday confines of settlement life, but also enable and inspire their own passions constructively through vocational and technological training.


What Manara Center offers

Introduse Our Program


Theater Program

Creative Technology

Creative Technology & Vocational Training


Music Program

Interior Design

Interior Design Program

Film Making

Film Making Program

Kids Program

Kids Program

Music program

Our Music Program

Equally important as a means of expression is an engagement with music, the Manara Center has a permanent music room with a range of instruments staffed in such a way to provide a mixture of organised group sessions, and opportunities for individuals to develop their own skills. In 2018-2020 over 80 students benefited from the program and in December 2019, we had our first music concert that was attended by over 400 locals and international NGOs personnel.

Theater progrma

Our Theater Program

Our first two theater projects, Yala Bena and Journey to Planet X, were written and directed by our theater teacher Ahmad Al Dalati, Stories are inspired by the youth attending the program. These pieces were performed in theaters to the community and other NGOs. The turn out was amazing and very well received.

filmmaking Program

Our Film Making Program

Our filmmaking program has been extremely successful, creating two short films, From The Front Line and Our Journey, written and performed by Young Syrian Filmmakers, our students. The films were shown locally in the beqaa to a sold out theaters and now are playing at international film festivals in the US and Europe. This program is mentored by Elias Matar.

We are in the process of producing our first commercial genre feature film which will be shot in Beqaa Lebanon later this year. The screenplay is written by our founder Elias Matar and his writing partner Edward E Romero, later the screenplay will be translated by our students. The film will be directed and filmed by Elias and the students. Post-production will take place at the Manara center and 2 Red Rabbit Films offices in Burbank California.

Creative Technology & Vocational Training

What We Do

Focusing specifically on those who have fallen out of the education system or are struggling for employment, as well as open to all those who would like to learn a new skill, the centre is offer a range of vocational and technical skills training. Given the employment restrictions refugees face in Lebanon, this will also encourage individual enterprises through the skills taught; including a space with the relevant resources where skills can be practiced, ideas developed, and learning supported.

Working with regional and international partners a core tenet of this will be a focus on technology, from basic computer skills to programming, graphic design, film editing and music production.
Our first project is First Aid, the course is conducted by Ashraf Faour a radiology Technologist and first aid teacher. The class will give the ability of our youth to help those in need waiting for medical professional to arrive. This includes dealing with burns, external bleeding, broken bones, neck/head/spinal injuries and administering CPR.
Our second project is Macroeconomics class tough by Caleb Jehl, an American businessman, which will focus on how to build and run a small business.

Art & Interior design program

Our Art & Interior design program

Finally, we are working with local and international artists to provide the necessary resources and training in a diverse range of artistic mediums and styles. Our first program is interior design, which introduces the youth to the art and process of designing the interior of a room and a building.

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