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We are Always Open for children We feel that having a supportive environment takes children away from their normal camp routines and helps them recover from the trauma and stress they have gone through as refugees. follow
What We do

Kids Program

Manara Center has served children from the nearby refugee camps. We provided the kids with classes in Math, English, Arabic, Art, Robotics, Visual Arts and Computer Science as well as supplemental nutrition. We intend to restart this worthy outreach in 2021. We will have our teen attendees work with the kids on projects they are currently engaged in like music and filmmaking. Additionally, we will do outreach to kids in the camps to provide them with services and encourage them to come to the Center for classes. We feel having a supportive environment that takes them away from their usual routine in the camps will be beneficial in recovering from trauma and stress they have suffered as refugees.

Kids Program

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Support More Than 100 children

Every dollar you raise will support our mission to creating a safe space for young refugees and vulnerable population cross the world. 

Kids Program

We Need Your Help

 We are asking family and friends to support young Syrian refugees and local vulnerable youth in the Beqaa Valley, Lebanon.