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Uganda Project
The Lighthouse Peace Initiative
What We Do

Uganda Initiative

The Lighthouse Peace is now working with refugee camps in Southwest Uganda to support relief efforts and programming for vulnerable members of their communities. The Nakivale Refugee Settlement, founded in 1958, hosts over 130,000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Somalia, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Eritrea and South Sudan. The Oruchinga Settlement, established in 1961, hosts 7,000 refugees from Burundi, the DRC and Rwanda. Women and children make up 70 percent of the population of the camps.

Our Current Relief Efforts

Empowering Women and Supporting Children

Our current relief efforts, led by Ayelet Berman-Cohen and her Adamâ Foundation, are focused on two areas: empowering the women of the refugee settlements to develop self-sustaining initiatives and supporting the orphans and children in the camps. 

Supporting Children


At the present time, we are organizing “Children-to-Children” initiatives to help these vulnerable members of the settlement community.   Our student-led high school groups from the greater Los Angeles area have created unique campaigns to raise money for different objectives, including children’s clothing, books and blankets. Some of our high school groups are also raising funding for the construction of women-run bakeries inside the camps.

The five women pictured here make up the first team to be trained for the bakery.

The five women pictured here make up the first team to be trained for the bakery

Empowering Women

The Bakery Initiative

Through our bakery initiative, we will train women to bake and run their own bakeries in the refugee settlements.  By establishing these bakeries and making their native breads, the women of the camps will help support themselves and their communities.  In addition, a share of their output will be donated on a daily basis to orphans and other vulnerable people.

The Adamâ Foundation’s intention is to build bakeries in refugee camps and other places of need around the world.  We believe in the power of breadmaking to nourish, heal, restore and build community.

Building Community

The Refugee Drummers

The Umojah Drummers group from Burundi, Africa is a force for good in the Oruchinga Settlement Camp. These thirty courageous and talented men work to heal the widespread trauma in the refugee community through music, dance, and spoken word poetry. Contribute to our Refugee Drummers Initiative and help support the Umojah Drummers as they teach vital lessons to the youth and young children, while hosting classes, events, and performances in the course of a year.

Support Our

Uganda Initiative

Uganda Blanket and Book Drive

Purchase blankets and books for the children.

Uganda Bakery Initiative

    Give today to help us build our first bakeries         

Refugee Drummers Initiative

         Support this vital educational program