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Nadia Rdeini

Co-founder / Manara Center Director
Manara Center Director Of Operations Lebanon
5 Years Ago
+961 70 246 850

Nadia Rdeini

Nadia Rdeini: Co-founder of the Manara Center, Pioneering Transformation and Empowerment

In the chronicles of visionary leaders, Nadia Rdeini’s name emerges as a guiding star, illuminating the path toward empowerment and positive change. As the co-founder of the Manara Center, her biography stands as a testament to her exceptional dedication, tireless efforts, and unshakable commitment to shaping a brighter future for the youth.

Nadia’s educational journey began at the Lebanese International University, where she earned a BioMedical degree—a foundation that would prove instrumental in her endeavors. Her quest for knowledge knew no bounds, as she also dedicated three years to studying English literature at the Lebanese University, a testament to her holistic approach to transformation.

Her professional journey started with her role as an assistant at a local medical lab, but her boundless drive and passion for community well-being propelled her into the role of assistant project manager at the National Association for Vocational Training and Social Services. This was just the beginning of her trajectory of impact. Nadia’s strategic thinking and exceptional leadership earned her successive promotions, culminating in her role as center coordinator and project manager, spearheading initiatives in collaboration with the Spanish NGO Cives Mundior.

However, it is her role as a co-founder of the Manara Center that truly showcases her unwavering commitment to youth empowerment. The Center stands as a beacon of hope, a platform she envisioned to broaden perspectives and amplify the voices of young individuals. Her seven-year immersion in the humanitarian sector has been marked by her dedication to transforming lives and creating a nurturing space for self-expression.

Nadia Rdeini’s biography epitomizes the remarkable synergy of education, empathy, and action. As a co-founder of the Manara Center, she has not only uplifted communities but also redefined the very essence of empowerment. Her journey is an embodiment of the truth that a single spark of determination can ignite change and illuminate the futures of those who come after.