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Team Category: Manara Center

Yazan Jomar

Yazan Jomar

Due to his unique ability to connect to students of all ages and backgrounds, Yazan began teaching music four years ago. Yazan, originally from Syria is a pianist and oud player who studied music with international professors in his home country. 
Yazan regularly mentions how music is ingrained in his heart and soul  as it is his life’s ambition. Yazan believes by teaching he can create a space for students to recognize and build on their talent for the world to see. You can find Yazan teaching music with various organizations and age groups across the Bekaa Valley. He currently serves as our music teacher at the Manara Center and oversees 30 students.

Bertha Touma

Bertha Touma

Bertha always had interest in designing and drawing. She pursued an education in interior design at American Universal College, obtaining a BT1, BT2 and BT3 degrees and later majored in Interior Design at LIU.

During her education, Bertha realized that she was fond of helping others, she volunteered in the community service program for 4 months. Through this program Bertha helped other vulnerable children by using her talents and skills to draw a smile on their faces. After graduation, Bertha worked as a freelance designer, an art and design teacher at  Trisquel youth center, she also teach architecture at american universal college. Bertha is the interior design teacher at the Manara center now.

Nour Rdeini

Nour khaled Rdeini

Nour is a patient service specialist senior officer at the Bar Elias Bekaa center. She is the current social worker in charge of case management, supervised by the center’s psychologist. She has extensive certification and training, including WCH DEALs structured methodologies and other PSS activities, PFA, safe identification and referral, yoga treatment, leadership training, and CMR. She has been the teacher of CBPSS, and has worked with the project for five years. She received her B.A. in sociology study from the Lebanese University. She is the Manara Center’s resident social worker.